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Optimistic Nihilism

Optimistic Nihilism

Contemplate your place in the universe

December 29, 2017


New Version of CRISPR Could Treat Diseases Without Cutting DNA


Could treat diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, muscular dystrophy, reversing aging and age-related diseases such as hearing loss and macular degeneration

December 26, 2017


New Smart Watch

smart watch

Offers gesture control

December 21, 2017


Full Body Haptic VR Suit

vr suit

Simulates being touched during a VR experience

December 19, 2017


New Surgical Glue

surgical glue

Easy to apply elastic glue seals wounds in 1 minute

December 17, 2017


Robotic Skywalker Hand

robotic arm

Robotic prosthetic arm allows amputees to control fingers individually

December 14, 2017


Flexible Muscles for Robots

robot muscles

New strong, versatile and flexible artificial muscles could improve robotics

December 13, 2017


Smart Mirror

smart mirror

Smart Mirror with artificial intelligence and facial recognition

December 11, 2017


Smart Tshirt

smart shirt

Tells you number of steps, floors climbed, calories burnt, and can also provide tactile GPS navigation.

December 08, 2017


Exosuit Helps Workers Lift Without Motors or Electronics


Lowes and Virginia Tech are working on an exosuit to make lifting easier for workers.

December 07, 2017


A Teachable Machine

machine learning

Machine learning using your camera - no coding required

December 06, 2017


Smart Toothbrush

smart toothbrush

A high-tech toothbrush that will brush your teeth in 3 seconds

December 04, 2017


Mars City 2117

Mars city

A virtual reality video tour of a city on Mars from the World Government Summit

December 03, 2017


Autonomous Concept Car

Concept Car

The Nissan IMx is an electric concept vehicle offering fully autonomous operation

December 02, 2017





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