The Future of Earth

future of earth

What is the future of Earth? What will the Earth look like in 2100? Will there be abundance or shortages of Earth's natural resources? What role will technology play in Earth's future? How will the choices we make today affect the future of Earth?


Global Warming

Global warming

Scientists all over the world agree that humans are the cause of global warming and that it could have catastrophic effects. It is important for all countries to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to limit the future effects of global warming.

As a society, we must break our dependency on fuels that cause pollution by supporting clean, renewable energy sources. Each of us can slow global warming by reducing our carbon footprint and the pollution we produce as individuals every day.

Global Warming



Our Future Water Supply

future of water on earth

In the future, global warming and increased population could cause water shortages. Even today, there are millions of people that do not have access to clean water. Can technology help provide the world with fresh, abundant water?

The Future of Water on Earth


The Future of Food

future of food

The future of food is 3D printed and vertically grown. Biotechnology will play an increasing role in how our food is produced and what it is made of. How can technology help feed an estimated population of 9 billion in 2050? How will food be different in the future?

The Future of Food


Vertical Farming

A vertical farm, 20 stories high and the size of a city block, would have the capacity to grow enough organic vegetables to supply a whole town.  There are plenty of positives. 24/7 crop production, no crop failures from  droughts, floods or pests.

Vertical Farming


The Doomsday Vault

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, or the Doomsday Vault as the media have dubbed it, is a shining example of people looking towards the future, considering what could happen, then preparing for the worst case scenario.

Arctic Seed Vault


Controlling the Weather

weather control satellite shooting laser at eye of large hurricane

New satellites, computers and high tech measuring equipment are helping scientists and researchers learn more about the weather patterns of the earth. By mid century you can expect more accurate weather predictions and eventually, controlling the weather itself. 

Weather Prediction and Control




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