FutureForAll.org, founded in 2005, is my personal web site about the future. I am not an expert on science, technology or the future. However, it does not take a degree to envision how nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and other technologies could radically change our world.

My hope is that this site will increase public awareness of rapidly advancing technologies, and encourage students to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

I scan the internet daily to post the best technology news and articles. No fees, popups, or clickbait.

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Support a "future for all", where the benefits of technology are available to everyone.

Encourage young people to think about their future and to consider careers in science.

Stimulate thought, foresight and discussion on emerging and potential technologies.

Introduce complex technology using brief, easy to read articles with links to more detailed information.

Present objective articles with no commercial, political or hidden agendas.

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Jack Hanson

Jack Hanson

Jack is solely responsible for the articles, editing and web design of FutureForAll.org.


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