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VR Escape Room

VR escape room

New virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive Cosmos

November 11


Can Life Spread From Star to Star?

galactic panspermia

Could we be related to extraterrestrials?

November 10


Mini Cheetah Robots

mini cheetah robots

9 quadruped robots romp in the autumn leaves

November 9


New Drone Game for Beginners

drone run

Build your skills while having fun

November 8


High Tech Wetsuit For Future Earth

high tech wet suit

A reality check concept

November 7


Concept Car

concept car

A sleek all-electric car for the future

November 6


Astronaut Smart Glove

smart glove

For controlling drones on other worlds

November 5


Flying Spinner Toy

flying spinner

A tricked-out flying spinner

November 4


Robot Building Blocks

robot building blocks

Lego compatible building blocks for kids 5-12

November 3


SpaceX's Starship Launch Animation


Starship will be the most powerful rocket in history

November 2


Heavy Weight Drone

heavy lifting drone

This drone can carry over 400 lbs for 25 miles

November 1


Tabletop RoboSoccer

robot soccer game

Portable soccer game with robot players

October 31


Modular Matters

self-assembling microbots

These self-assembling microbot cubes can stick the landing

October 30


Robot Saves a Spot

robot video parody

Funny robot video parody

October 29


Holographic Board Game

Holographic Board Game

AR glasses help create amazing tabletop gaming experiences

October 28




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