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Robot Coffee Maker

Robotic Coffee Maker

A robotic arm shows off its skills

September 15


Digital Companion for Cars

future car companion

Let AutoQ take the wheel

September 14


Touch Bracelet

Touch Bracelet

Let a friend or loved one know they are in your thoughts

September 13


Future Travel

future hotel

Step into Alibaba's Flyzoo future hotel

September 12


Change the Color of Things Anytime

Color changing ink

New reprogrammable ink can change the colors of objects using light

September 11


Smart Cutting Board

smart cutting board

Sterilizes, weighs food, and keeps track of cooking time

September 10


Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

Event Horizon Telescope

Wins 2020 Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics

September 9


Pizza Technology Revolution

pizza tech

Is the way to the human heart through its stomach?

September 8


Robot Obstacle Course

sphero mini

A fun way to learn coding

September 7


New Tech Makes Work Less Fatiguing


Lightweight exoskeletons without batteries or motors

September 6




Westworld star and Sophia the Robot meet.

September 5


Does Your Smart Home Know Where You Are?

smart home locator

New device identifies who enters a room

September 4


Table Tennis Robots

table tennis robot

Watch world's best ping pong robot in action

September 3


Citizen Science

citizen science game

Fun scientific games that produce real research results through play

September 2


Pi Top 4 Computer

Pi Top 4 Computer

A portable and easy to code Raspberry Pi 4 based computer

September 1




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