Contact is my personal web site about future technology and society. I'm passionate about helping others like myself, low-income and low-educated, learn something about complex emerging technologies. Because knowledge of these topics is the only way to make informed choices that can direct our future. You can help make a better Future For All by donating any amount.


I do the research and web design myself, so I do not have time to reply to all the email I receive. Here are answers to some common inquiries:


Do you accept sponsored posts?


No sponsored posts or clickbait. I will post a link in the Sponsor's section, to any business or website that donates.


Do you accept guest posts or articles?


No. I write all the articles on the site.


Do accept link suggestions?


Only quality links that would be useful to my visitors. I get email daily from "teachers" that want to help their students by sending me a list of links that will include the real reason for the email, a link to a business they are promoting.


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