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Wearables are electronic devices that you can put on or can attach to your clothes. Wearable technology is used in many different ways and new applications are continually being developed. In some cases, smart fabrics and implants are also referred to as wearables.

Wearables Today

Wrist worn activity trackers were some of the first wearables. They could track your steps and remind you to get up if you sat around too long. Advances in batteries and sensors have allowed these devices to now monitor heart rate and sleep. Future wearables might feature health trackers that keep track of blood sugar and other chemical changes in the body. There are wearable devices in development that can analyze sweat and blood pressure, others that can measure brain-waves.

Wearables and the IoT

As wearables become an integral part of the Internet of Things, your smart watch or glasses could develop into a central hub for other devices. For example, tiny sensors on your body could monitor your health sign 24/7 and send that information to your wearable, which could analyze the data and notify your doctor if something is not right. Sensors can be smaller and use less power if they don't have to do all the work.

Merging Technologies

The wearable industry will surely get a boost as related technologies advance. Improvements in battery and sensor tech, flexible electronics, and augmented reality could take wearables to a whole new level.

The Future of Wearables

Wearables are on a path to become much more than activity trackers and time pieces. They will be health monitors, personal identifiers, location beacons, IoT supervisors, and more. Think beyond the fitness band and glasses. Not far from now, your shoes, jewelry, contacts, clothes, and tattoos could all be more than a fashion statement.




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