Fusion Energy

Fusion energy

Fusion Confusion

What is fusion? Fusion is the same process by which the sun creates energy, by combining the nuclei of light elements, to form a heavier element. The process of fusing these elements results in the release of large amounts of energy which can be captured and used to generate heat and eventually electricity.

"By the time our young children reach middle age, fusion may begin to deliver energy independence and energy abundance to all nations rich and poor". - U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham - 2005

To achieve nuclear fusion, a plasma must be heated to extremely high temperatures at least one hundred million (100,000,000) degrees Celsius. This plasma can't be confined by the walls of any container. The trick is to contain the hot plasma without actually touching it. The most common way to confine the hot plasma is to use strong magnetic fields.

If the obstacles to this technology can be overcome, fusion energy offers the prospect of a long-term, safe, environmentally friendly energy option.





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