Remote Medical Monitoring

telemedicine doctor sitting in front of monitors

Remote Medical Monitoring

The House Call Is Back

Doctors can already gather your glucose from their gardens and check your liver from the links (though your butt may come after the putt). Remote medical monitoring will be commonplace in the future and it promises to benefit both physicians and patients by saving time and money.

Here are some ways that remote medical monitoring might benefit society. Predictions made by visitors to Future For All are in green

  • Pills that track drug intake and effectiveness.
  • Electronic implants that monitor organs or body systems
  • Medical sensors in patches or clothing
  • Home computer hub that will analyze sensor data and alert physician if needed
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Self monitoring & diagnosis
  • Virtual doctor visit using holograms
  • Robot nurses and caregivers
  • Personalized drugs
  • Remote robotic surgery
  • Diet and exercise information recorded for physician
  • Sensors in carpet monitor walking, patients that fall
  • Remote controlled immune system




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