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Smart Home

My home is not very smart. It does not know when to start my coffee or how to clean the floor. It has difficulty distinguishing between a roaring grease fire and a steamy shower, which makes it a good thing it can't remember the number to call in an emergency. The only interaction I have with the house is when I must do the floss dance routine with the motion detector to get my outside lights to come on.

What Makes a Smart Home? What will be in the smart home of the future?

Here are some smart home products available now, in development, or in concept. Click on any image to view futuristic product videos.

  • smart bed
  • smart lighting
  • smart appliances
  • iot
  • home robots
  • smart home security

Engineering the Smart Home

In creating the home of the future, engineers seek to understand what technologies are best suited for the home and how much technology its residents can tolerate.

Research is mainly being done in these areas:

Health - Monitoring your health, with emphasis on assisting the elderly.

Networking - Connecting occupants and everything else in the house together

Interfacing - You and technology living with each other in harmony.

Pervasive Computing - Tiny processing devices everywhere.

Environment - Reducing environmental impact.

Energy - Every home produces its own energy.

Robotics - Robot assisted living. Cleaners, caregivers and companions.


One way researchers test futuristic home ideas is to build a smart home, then invite people to live in it. Technologies for the smart home are being tested in living laboratories like these:


Aware Home

The Drexel Smart House

CASAS Smart Home




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