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    Designer Baby Essay Examples

  • This new (10/2/18) essay section is completely free to help students write designer baby related essays and book reports. I will keep adding to this until I have written a complete essay.

    10/9/18 - Added Designer Baby Mind Map

    10/22/18 - Added Three Parent Baby resources in MLA8 format. I am working on adding resources for all topics in the designer baby mind map.

    10/26/18 - Added Embryo Screening resources in MLA8 format.

    11/12/18 - Added Ethics of Designer Babies resources in MLA8 format.

    1/14/19 - Biotechnology Glossary

    1/20/19 - Eugenics resources


    Disclaimer: I am just learning about this subject.


  • If you have an idea that could make this section better, please let me know by sending me an email.

  • The following list is provided to help you come up with a Designer Baby Topic to write about. Although some of these titles might be found online because they are common, I thought of them all myself. You can do the same by mixing and matching.

  • A Designer Baby
  • Designer Babies
  • Designer Genes
  • Custom Babies
  • A Custom Baby
  • Custom Children
  • Three-Parent Babies
  • Designer Babies Using Genetic Engineering
  • Genetically Engineered Babies
  • Producing Three-Parent Babies
  • Super Babies
  • Smart Babies
  • Future Babies
  • Babies by Design
  • What is a Designer Baby?
  • What is a Designer Child?
  • What are Designer Babies?
  • What are Designer Children?
  • Creating a Perfect Child
  • Creating the Perfect Baby
  • Creating a Designer Baby
  • Creating Children Without Herditary Disease
  • Making a Designer Baby
  • Children Made to Order
  • Babies Made to Order
  • Shopping for a Baby
  • The Perfect Child
  • How Are Designer Babies Made?
  • How is a Designer Baby Made?
  • How is a Designer Baby Created?
  • How to Make a Designer Baby
  • How to Create a Designer Baby
  • Can Genetic Screening Create Designer Babies?
  • Can You Make a Baby Smarter by Editing Genes?
  • The Pros and Cons of Designer Babies
  • Designer Children: Pros and Cons
  • The Negative Effects of Designer Babies
  • A Case for Designer Babies
  • What’s Wrong with Creating Designer Babies?
  • Why Not Make Designer Babies?
  • The Designer Baby Controversy
  • What Would Designer Babies do to Society?
  • Are Designer Babies Ethical?
  • Ethical Considerations of Designer Babies
  • The Ethical Concerns of Designer Babies
  • Designer Babies and Society
  • Will Designer Babies Create a World of Superhumans?
  • The Ethics of Designer Babies
  • How Would Designer Babies Change Society?
  • How Would Designer Babies Change the World?
  • Are Designer babies a disaster waiting to happen?
  • Should Scientists Design Better Babies?
  • Will designer babies ever be ethically acceptable?
  • How would society treat designer babies?
  • Would Designer Babies Be Heroes or Outcasts?
  • Should We Make Designer Babies?
  • Is Designing Smarter and Stronger Babies Fair for Everyone?
  • Will Designer Babies Ever Be Okay?
  • Should We Design Our Babies?
  • What Is Wrong with Making Designer Babies?
  • Should We Be Afraid of Designer Babies?
  • Designer Babies: Will Society Allow It?
  • Will Designer Babies Be Available to the Poor?
  • Will Designer Babies Have an Advantage?
  • The Dangers of Designer Babies
  • The Designer Baby Debate
  • The Future is Here: Designer Babies
  • The Future of Designer Babies
  • Are Designer Babies the Future of Reproduction?
  • Are Designer Babies the Future of Humanity?
  • Designer babies Are Coming Soon
  • How Will Designer Babies Will Change Society?
  • When Will We Have Designer Babies?
  • Age of The Designer Baby
  • Will Designer Babies be the Children of the Future?
  • Will Our Generation be the First Parents of Designer Babies?
  • The Science of Creating Designer Babies
  • Does Embryo Screening Create Designer Babies?
  • Could Genetic Technology Create Designer Babies?
  • Are Designer Babies Real?
  • Choosing a Child's Genes
  • Picking a Child’s Characteristics
  • Choosing Your Children’s Characteristics
  • Would Selecting a Child's Genes Make Them Better?
  • Creating designer babies with CRISPR
  • Are Designer Babies Fact or Science Fiction?
  • Gene Editing and Designer Babies
  • The Designer Baby Generation
  • The Designer Baby Dilemma
  • Could DNA Editing Lead to Designer Babies?
  • Life is Becoming Programmable
  • Engineering a Designer Baby



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