Designer Babies Mind Map


Here is a mind map I created for an essay on designer babies.


Disclaimer: This is my first mind map and I am just learning about this subject.


Mind Map for an Essay on Designer Babies


Designer Babies

---Ethics of designer babies




---------Embryo Screening

---------Three Parent Babies

---------Genetic Editing




---------Artificial Womb


---What traits can be screened for, removed, changed, or added, to make a designer baby?




------------Eye color

------------Hair color

------------Some hereditary diseases



---------------Cleft chin

---------------Cheek dimples

---------------Earlobes attached

---------------Hitchhiker's thumb

---------------Widow's peak

---------------Curly hair

---------------Left handedness





---------------Red/Green Colorblindness

---------------Bitter taste




------Cure genetic diseases

------Parents get what they desire in a child

------Keep pace with others doing it

------Better chance the child will succeed in life

------Better understanding of genetics

------Increased life span and quality

------Give a child genes that the parents do not carry

------Prevent next generation from getting characteristics/diseases

------Adapt humans for extreme conditions like space or underwater

------Better and less expensive healthcare because many diseases are cured



------Unnatural process

------Unknown side effects on child

------Unknown effect on ecosystem

------Unknown effect on future generations

------Not every country will adhere to ethical rules

------Termination of embryos

------Could create a gap in society

------Possibility of damage to the gene pool

------Baby and future generations have no choice in the matter

------Genes often have more than one use

------Geneticists could make mistakes

------Competition race increases chance for errors

------Loss of individuality/diversity

------Other children in family could be affected by parent's decision

------Only the rich can afford it


------Social discrimination

------Sports only for enhanced humans

------Make human race two species

------Irreversible damage to the germline


------Race of superhumans

------Less children adopted


------Dystopian society


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