Invisibility Cloak

invisible girl wearing jeans and blouse

I can easily imagine the things I could do if I had an invisibility cloak. However, the only solid objects I have ever seen disappear are the Statue of Liberty* and one quick-footed blind date. Soon, thanks to new metamaterials and fabrication techniques, we may all get a glimpse at the invisible.


Making an Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility cloak

To make an invisibility cloak, surround an object with metamaterials. Assemble the metamaterials in precisely the right fashion and light waves that pass through the metamaterials will bend around the object, like water flowing undisturbed around a rock.

Another method is to capture the image behind the object and project it onto the front of the object.


How will this technology be used?

Many practical uses exist for materials that can precisely control the paths of light, sound and harmful radiation. There are just as many sinister applications that come to mind for a cloaking device.

The Invisibility Cloak is another impossible product made possible by rapidly advancing technologies and a better understanding of our universe. It would benefit the public to readily address the social impact of invisibility before it materializes in real applications.




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