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Some of the smartest individuals I know, suddenly remember their kids have soccer practice when I mention the latest technological breakthrough. I am amazed at the number of people I have encountered, that are completely uninterested in advanced technology and the effect it will soon have on almost every aspect of our society.

I asked six of my friends for an honest answer to why they gave me the techno-snub. Here are their replies:

Lori (45, Logistics Manager)
"When the topic is about a technology I do not understand, I look ignorant and you appear condescending."

Dave (35, Shipping Manager)
"I don't want to look like a nerd."
[Uncomfortable pause in conversation]
"No offense intended."

Jeff (24, Auto Sales)
"Predictions of a technological revolution are just hype."

Jim (66, Retired Fireman)
"Why should I care? I will not be around to see many of these technologies. Have you seen the remote control?"

Vicki (53, V.P. Human Resources)
"I'm too busy in the present to be concerned about what technology will look like in the future. What will be, will be."

Jennifer (Niece, 14 years old)
"Technology is boring. (as she tunes me out with her matchbook-sized media player)"

Well, I received my answers and my friends made some valid points. Jim is right, a man of 65 may not see all of the mind-blowing technology that is predicted, but his children might and his grandchildren most certainly will. The decisions we make today, can have a great effect on the world our grandchildren will inherit.

I believe that Jeff's answer was the furthest off track. A technological revolution has already begun. Scientists are creating new life in the lab, nanobots are taking their first steps, and the foundations of many more world changing technologies are now being set.

Learning about the new technologies that are shaping our future takes effort, but it is well worth it. Understanding the basic science behind a complex technology, helps you weigh its benefits, risks and morality.


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