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Artificial Womb

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Artificial wombs are mechanisms that are used to grow an embryo outside of the body of a female. Could this be the future of reproduction for humans? Scientists at Cornell University have grown mice embryos in man-made, bubble shaped wombs.

This technology could bring hope to parents who before could not have children. It could also open the door for mothers to choose to have their babies outside their bodies, to avoid the stress of childbirth.

If and when artificial wombs become available, they are sure to be controversial. What are the moral and ethical implications of artificial wombs? What effect would being developed outside the womb have on the child?

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Artificial Womb Articles, Web Sites and Blogs

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Artificial Womb Articles
Title Source Date
The End of Pregnancy and the inevitable rise of the artificial womb Slate 10/14
Motherhood: Immaculate gestation The Last Word on Nothing 05/12
Artificial 'Womb' Unlocks Secrets of Early Embryo Development Science Daily 03/12
What Do Artificial Wombs Mean for Women? RH Reality Check 02/12
Ectogenesis IEET 12/11
Baby Sharks Birthed in Artificial Uterus Wired 09/11
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From foetus to full term - without a mother's touch Times Online 08/05


Artificial Womb Web Sites and Blogs
Title Description
Artificial uterus Wikipedia
Artificial Wombs, Could this bold science become reality? PhysForum
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Article Sources
Babies Growing Outside the Womb Image adapted from Wikimedia by Wouter Vergeer for 3DPregnancy.com


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