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New satellites, high tech measuring equipment and improving supercomputers are helping scientists and researchers learn more about the weather patterns of the earth. By mid century you can expect more accurate weather predictions and eventually, controlling the weather itself.

Governments throughout the world are researching weather modification. Potential benefits of controlling the weather would be increasing crop yields, decreasing the severity of storms, accurate forecasts, eliminate drought, stop global warming, protection from harmful solar energy, clear skies for astronomers, air traffic, solar panels. There are also military uses, such as making sure the weather is clear for a mission or covering the enemy with snow, fog, hail or lightning strikes.

A far better use of weather modification would be if we could someday stop a hurricane like Katrina from ever reaching land. That would be a future to behold.

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Weather Control Articles, Blogs and Web Sites

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Weather Control Articles
Title Source Date
Report shows cloud seeding operations beneficial for area Times Record news 01/15
Drones Offer New Horizon, Solutions for Weather Modification Accuweather.com 06/14
Laser could trigger rain and lightning KurzweilAi.net 04/14
10 Conspiracy Theories About Weather Modification Listverse 04/14
The Rainmakers: How Human Beings Control the Weather Gizmodo 08/13
Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Episode 2 - Weather Control SyFy Channel video 08/13
The CIA Wants To Control The Weather Through 'Geoengineering' Business Insider 07/13
A Weather-proof Nation Library of Congress 10/12
Could we build a weather machine to stop climate change? io9 06/12
Next-Gen Weather Satellites to Improve Tornado Warnings NASA 03/12
Scientists Make Progress in Assessing Tornado Seasons Columbia University 02/12
Can Bill Gates Control the Weather? PCWorld 07/09
Geo-Engineering: Has Its Time Come? ABC News 04/09
Can humans control the weather? PhysOrg 04/09
Rain Power: Harvesting Energy from the Sky PhysOrg 01/08
China Leads Weather Control Race Wired 11/07
U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather Space.com 10/05
Weather and the military MSNBC 08/05


Weather Control Web Sites and Blogs
Title Description
Can China control the weather? How Stuff Works
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HAARP Wikipedia
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Article Sources
Weather Control Article by FFA
Image (not real weather control), created by FFA using images from NASA


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